Square pillow, with print of your choice


Code: 40036

Decorative square pillow, in two dimensions, with printing of your choice on one side. A beautiful gift for the godfather of the child!

Also a beautiful idea for decorating the christening or the children’s room! You can email us the design you want to print. It can be a pattern from selected invitations, the child’s name or a phrase of your choice. Contact an eshop representative for more details.

* There is an additional charge in case of creating a new model.


After the submission of your order, a representative of our company will contact you.

Your order will be shipped 15-25 working days after the submission.

After confirmation of your order, a deposit of 2/3 of the value is required.

* The depicted material colors, due to technical reasons, may be slightly different from the original.


40*40cm, 45*45cm